About Our Team.

Meet the coaches


Storm Shannon


At the age of 8, Storm embarked on his martial arts journey inspired by the classic film Karate Kid. Over the next decade, he dedicated himself to mastering Goju-ryu Karate.

In 2008, Storm's path led him to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, an encounter that left him humbled and captivated. The following year, he discovered 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, eventually training under Bryan Brown's guidance when the opportunity arose in Jacksonville starting in 2016. Complementing his jiu-jitsu pursuits, Storm holds degrees in Sports Medicine Athletic Training and a doctorate in Chiropractic. Recognized for his skill and dedication, Storm earned his Purple Belt in 2017, his Brown Belt in 2020 and his Black Belt in 2024 under the mentorship of Coach Bryan Brown.

Bryan Brown

"COACH B. BROWN" is a black belt under 10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo, and has been training with Eddie since 2006!

He started at the Bomb Squad when it was the only 10th Planet, which now has over 80 Moons orbiting around the 10th Planet HQ in Los Angeles. One of Bryan's goals has been to become the head instructor of his own Moon.

His heart lies in creating the best atmosphere, training partners, and best instruction in our community. Outside of his life of jiu jitsu, Coach Bryan has quite the musical talent.


Donnell Langford

"Nell" is a blue belt at 10th Planet Orange Park and has been very active in the competition scene for most of that time. Nell helps out in the kids' classes and also runs our 6am classes on Thursdays and Fridays with Alex Rodriguez. Nell has aspirations of fighting MMA and is currently building his skills for the cage along with high level grappling tournaments.

Raven Shannon

Raven, daughter of Coach Storm, boasts a rich martial arts journey uniquely her own. Over seven years, she dedicated herself to mastering Taekwondo, earning a prestigious 2nd-degree black belt. Transitioning seamlessly to Jiu Jitsu, she has since immersed herself in its intricacies for the last eight years.

Presently an Orange Belt in Jiu Jitsu, Raven expands her repertoire further by actively engaging in high school wrestling. Her multifaceted expertise enriches the kids’ Jiu Jitsu program, where she plays a pivotal role in its evolution and success.

Max Kiker

Max is a blue belt at 10th Planet Orange Park. Max is one of our consistent competitors along with his son Eli. Max helps out in the Kids' Classes and in the 6am classes.

Stephani Johnston

"Steph" is Currently a Blue Belt in Jiu Jitsu, and has trained at 10th Planet Orange Park since 2021. She competes in local competitions regularly along with her son Price. Steph helps coach kid's class, and manages our YouTube channel.

Steph also has a long history in other Martial Arts. She holds a Red belt in Kali (Filipino martial arts) and a Black belt in Jun Fan gung fu - Jeet Kune Do. She has also trained mixed martial arts including Muay Thai & Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW - level 2).

Jesus Brewster

Jesus is a purple belt at 10th Planet Orange Park. Jesus has great knowledge of jiujitsu and runs some of our evening classes on occasion.

Kyle Brauckman

Kyle is a purple belt who came to us from American Top Team. Kyle has a wealth of knowledge in jiujitsu and brings a different approach to our 10th Planet Family. Kyle helps run some of our evening classes on occasion.

Frank Johns

Frank, our Kid's Kickboxing Coach, boasts over 40 years of Martial Arts mastery. A 6th Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, he also holds expertise in Taekwondo. With extensive training in Kickboxing and a penchant for coaching both Boxing and Kickboxing, Frank has nurtured numerous students into professional fighters.

While he has previously owned multiple martial arts gyms, he is now thrilled to be part of the 10th Planet Family, where he can continue shaping young minds and bodies. His passion lies in empowering children, helping them cultivate mental and physical strength, and instilling the confidence to conquer life’s challenges.

Kru Big Will

Will has been involved in striking martial arts for 25 years. He is the creator of the Lethal Limbs striking system, which is a combination of USA boxing, Dutch kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Some of his achievements:

  1. North American kickboxing champion 2004-2005 fireball challenge
  2. Kru in Thai boxing from Chokchai Muay Thai awarded in Phuket Thailand
  3. USA boxing level 1
  4. Certified Muay Thai pad holder awarded in Phuket Thailand
  5. Coached dozens of amateur champions and a handful of professional
  6. Hold an overall 14-1 record in competition
  7. Creator of the Lethal Limbs striking system
  8. Creator of the fight fit home workout system
You can expect high energy, friendly atmosphere and excellent techniques in each class from Kru Big Will.


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