Adult Jiu Jitsu Program

Lose Weight

Are you looking for a fun way to lose weight and learn something valuable at the same time? Then you have come to the right place. Jiu Jitsu is a Martial Art that will challenge you physically and mentally but also provides a fun way to work out. Come try a class and see for yourself!

Strength Training

Looking to get stronger especially in your core muscles without having to lift weights and do boring workout routines? Come tryout Jiu Jitsu! It will make you stronger in all the important areas while having fun and learning a new skill.

Stress Relief

There are many studies out there now showing the stress relief benefits of intense exercise and with learning a new skill. So why not combine both and come try out one of our Adult Jiu Jitsu classes!


Looking to get more flexible? Are you chronically tight in your muscles and joints? Jiu Jitsu is great way to improve your mobility and flexibility! We often joke that many of the positions in Jiu Jitsu look like partner yoga. Partner yoga with chokes and joint locks that is!

Self Defense

Have you always wanted to know that you could protect yourself or someone else if the situation arose? Jiu Jitsu has been proven in the most extreme fighting conditions to be the best system for anyone no matter how athletic you are to protect yourself against someone bigger, stronger and faster than you. Come check it out for yourself!

Competition Team

Are you highly competitive and looking for a new outlet? Our Jiu Jitsu team competes on a consistent basis. Our team consistently performs at the highest levels and many of our students are even now competing for cash prizes so if all of that interests you reach out and set up for a class or consultation!

What can you expect when you come in?

Our Teens & Adults’ Program is designed so that whether you have previous experience with grappling or not you will be able to learn and improve. Our classes are designed to benefit everyone at every level.

Our classes have different formats depending on the night, but the foundation of the program is the 10th Planet Warm-ups put together by the Head of our System Eddie Bravo. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays we start class with the warm-ups. At the beginning of class, we will pair our white belts with an upper belt to work with, so they get some one-on-one instruction from someone who knows how to perform the movements. Then we will pair the white belts up with each other to continue to get more repetitions of the movements while the upper belts split off for more advanced training. After that period, we move into the live drills. Initially when you start you will just perform the drilling until you and the instructor feels comfortable letting you into the live drills. Our live drills are composed of position battles and live rolls. Position Battles are where you and a partner set up in a certain position and each person has a goal they are trying to achieve (i.e., Pass the guard vs sweep). If you achieve your goal, you win and reset to go again. After the instructor allows you into the live drills you will start with the position battles and sit out the live rolls until the instructor makes the decision that it is okay for you to join the live roll session. Live rolls are fully live sparring sessions on the clock.

Our Wednesday class is designed around a subject for the week and the whole session is spent on drilling those techniques. Much like a mini seminar. Fridays we have a competition class that is a high paced drilling class. It is great for getting a lot of repetitions and cardio work in. Saturday mornings the 101 class is another mini seminar set up for foundational moves that can help you no matter what level of experience you have that is followed by a leg attacks class which is designed around the intricate leg lock system.

On Fridays and Saturdays, we also have an Open Mat period where you can come into drill, live roll or just ask questions.

If you have more questions about the system, please reach out to us!

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