Martial Arts for Kids'

(7-12 Years Old)

Martial Arts for Kids'

Jiu Jitsu is foundationally a self defense art. It has recently evolved into a sport as well. At 10th Planet we embrace both sides of the Martial Art. In our classes your child will learn techniques that will help them defend themselves but we also teach them movements and skills that will make them better athletes overall. Through this process your child will learn to set goals, how to work with partners, how to teach others, how to learn from other children as well as the coaches and how their hard work pays off with belt rank and improved performance. These are skills that will follow your child throughout their life.

Is there a belt system?

Our system does go by belt rank to give the students goals to shoot for and work towards. The kids’ belt ranking system starts with white belt then goes to grey belt, yellow belt, orange belt, and finally green belt. At 16 years of age students move into the adult ranking system and can continue their journey towards black belt.

At each belt level the student will earn stripes on their belt for simply showing up to class and putting in the work. For every 24 classes the student makes they will earn a stripe after three stripes when they earn what would be a fourth stripe the student is eligible for their next belt.

The solid color belts however require more than just showing up. The student must be able to show that they are retaining the information taught in class and utilizing the moves that we drill when they get into the live games and sparring sessions. If they are showing good understanding and utilization of the techniques, then they will be rewarded with their next belt level. We also have a requirement that the student competes at least one time at each belt level to be eligible for the next belt level. They don’t have to win but we want them to be in situations where they have less control (i.e., Being in a new place with a large crowd and competing against someone they don’t know). We feel it is important for them to learn how to deal with new situations such as competition to be better prepared for the real-world situations that might show up. If they can stay calm and continue to fight and compete in a tournament situation, they will have a better chance of being able to stay calm if they were to get into a real altercation.

How are stripes and belts awarded?

We will hold an event once a quarter to award all the students that have met the requirements for their next stripe or belt level. If a student excels at picking up the jiu jitsu system being taught to them the coach can and will award stripes and belt levels early so students that show up every day and work a lot on their own to improve their skills will be awarded accordingly. The date for these events will be announced ahead of time so we can have maximum attendance for those days. Even if your child is not set to get a stripe or new belt, we encourage everyone to be there so they can support their teammates and see how the hard work pays off.

How are classes taught?

We usually start class with some solo drills that are designed to help the students move in the ways needed to perform many of the moves they will encounter in Jiu Jitsu. After the solo drills, they will move into partner drills where moves will be broken down into steps to help the student learn easier and more effectively. Students will not only learn how to do the moves they will learn how to help their partners learn the moves better as well, so they learn how to be a great teammate too. After the partner drills class moves into the live rounds. Those live rounds could be games to teach the students balance and movement, positional battles to teach them how to use certain moves in specific positions, and finally full live sparring once the student is ready to teach them how to control a fully live situation and compete against their teammates.

What does membership give you access to?

If the student is on membership, they are allowed to come to as many classes as possible per week. We currently have Kids’ Jiu Jitsu 3 days a week, Kickboxing once a week and a competition class once a week so if they came to all the classes, they could train five days a week. Also, when they get into higher ranks if the coach thinks they would be able to keep up they will be allowed to attend the Teens and Adults class as well.

Can my child come try a class?

Absolutely! Come try a class for FREE and see if it is what you are looking for and is a good fit for your child. We will also allow you to try both a Jiu Jitsu class and a kickboxing class both for FREE to make sure our gym is the right place for your child to train.

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